About Us


New Freedom Roasting Company was founded in 2015 with owners Carol and her daughter Danielle as a part of the New Freedom Trail Café.

Upon the sale of the café in 2017, the coffee roasting business continued on its own, supplying freshly roasted coffee to local residents and businesses.

In 2019 Carol and Kenny (husband and wife) Bought a food truck (Chow food truck) and enjoyed a year of learning the food truck industry. Sweet coffee and delicious food was the reputation created. 

In 2021 when a retail space became available the difficult decision to sell the food truck and open a "store" was made. Thankfully Chef Danielle (Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu of Pittsburgh) was ready to return to the kitchen. The partnership of Carol, Kenny and Danielle Began.

Our Goals for the new business

  • Delicious take home food either fully cooked or ready to be cooked at home utilizing fresh and local (as available) sources of food 
  • Fresh roasted coffee  - available as whole beans or freshly ground
  • Full service deli with meats, cheeses and salads to fill any hungry belly!
  • Retail fridge and freezer full of products to take along and enjoy at home
  • Shelves full of local products to enhance your culinary choices

We are looking forward to serving our friends - new and old - with a smile.